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The Gardens & Flowers

One of our greatest pleasures in our family buisness has been growing flowers. We have several gardens and a greenhouse spread over our property, which we have added to over the years. Some flowers I buy as starts some I grow from seeds.


I only use flowers that dry the best and keep their color. 

Flowers are picked on a dry day which is sometimes tricky in the Pacific Northwest!

I immediately press them before they have a chance to wilt. After pressing, the flowers go into silica gel, a desiccant which draws the moisture out of the flowers, leaving the color.


When they are pressed and dried, the flowers are as colorful as the day they were picked.  The flowers in your Crystal Bouquet should keep their color for many years. I recommend not hanging them in direct sunlight as anything will fade when exposed to direct sunlight. 


Flowers are certainly one of life's simplest pleasures. It is my hope that your Crystal Bouquet will bring you, or the recipient of your gift, much happiness. 

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